Friday, February 3, 2012

Heart of Ice

Here is another book review from my friends at booksneeze. I love that I get free books in exchange for an honest review.

The most recent book I read was "Heart of Ice" by Lis Wiehl. I was excited to read this book because it was a work of fiction in the crime/mystery genre which I enjoy. I was a little apprehensive because this book was published by a Christian publisher and you don't typically see this genre in the Christian book world. However, I was pleasantly surprised by this book. It kept my attention and was suspenseful and exciting the way a good crime novel should be, but was not so graphic that it made it difficult to read. It was somewhat predictable in parts and there were extraneous story lines that didn't seem to be relevant to the story. However, I know there is sequel so the author may have been setting up story lines for the the next book

This book revolves around 3 friends who are called the "Triple Threat Club" because of their work in the crime industry: a TV crime reporter, a prosecuting attorney, and a FBI agent. I do not want to give too many details of the story so that I do not spoil it for other readers. However, I would say that I would recommend this book for someone who is looking for a good book to read on a cold afternoon in front of the fire.

Happy Reading!

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