Friday, April 20, 2012

Book Review: The Eric Trap

I know I do a lot of book reviews on this blog, but I get free books to do so. I love books and I love free, so it is a great situation for me. :-)

Since I am fairly new the world of KidMin, I am constantly looking for resources to explore to help me be more effective in my new career direction. So when I read on Kenny Conley's blog, that I could receive an advanced copy of this book to review on my blog I was all for it. :-)

The Eric Trap is a collaborative effort by Jim Wideman, Kenny Conley and Sam Luce. I do not know any of these gentlemen personally, but as I entered into the world of KidMin their names kept popping up so they must know what they are doing.

If you read nothing else on this blog read this: THE ERIC TRAP IS ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS ON KIDMIN THAT I HAVE READ. Seriously, I think anyone who is remotely involved in Children's Ministry should read this book (or even if you have walked by the children's wing in a church.) :-)

The Eric Trap follows the a week in life of Eric Newman, a gifted children's pastor, who is struggling in his ministry. After each Eric narrative, there is then a chapter written by a different author addressing the areas where Eric struggled: Delegation, Leadership Under Authority, Activate Parental Leadership, Measuring Success, and Order Your Priorities. As I read this book, I felt myself identifying with Eric in so many ways...I think the title could have almost been THE AMY TRAP. :-) I also appreciated how the authors had systematic questions at the end of each section to help the reader evaluate where they are an how to improve in the areas. While I did not complete these exercises on my first read, I have every intention of returning to those sections and perhaps even working through some of them with the members of my team.

I cannot say enough about this book. Be sure to get your copy at the Orange Conference later this month or on Amazon.

Happy Reading!

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  1. Thanks Amy for your review. Get ready for the ride of your life. So glad you were blessed by the Eric Trap everyone involved did a great job.